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Christian rap artist Kson has been steadily building his brand of hip-hop with solid releases and a well-thought-out attention to the importance of visuals.

Kson, short for King's Son, originally hails from California but is now in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is fitting because CHH's roots began in Tulsa with pioneer Stephen Wiley. Now Kson is continuing that work started almost 40 years ago by Wiley and found himself working with over 120 churches in 2013 after releasing his debut EP Light in Me.

He’s no stranger to ministry and music with over 10 years of experience. Now in 2017, Kson has released his new album Filters which is predicated on the “filters” everyone puts over their lives. The beats, lyrics, and message further catapult him as an artist that makes music that impacts people.

“KSON’s new album ‘Filters’ is truly an exciting project. Effortlessly jumping between hype songs, quiet reflections, and uplifting anthems, he isn’t afraid to be real and delve into sensitive subject matter while still finding space to celebrate life and the greatness of God.
— CHH Insider - Tyler Ashman
Christian hip-hop artist Kson is dropping his new project Filters on September 30 and the music is as ambitious as the artwork and message. Overall the record has solid production and even more poignant features. Collectively, the songs work together in the order they are in and represent well the “Filters” that shade or change our lives. Kson is really showing his range, artfulness, and awareness to create music with a concise message that points to Christ.
— Rapzilla - Justin Sarachik

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Won't Stop


No we won’t stop

No we won’t quit

It’s not the about the mistakes

We make they’re over with

No we won’t stop

No we won’t quit

Pushing to that goal it’s a 100%


Verse 1

Came from the bottom they said I couldn’t make it

I guess I'm destined for greatness

 all I see is them vanquished

I’ve been patiently waiting

to make every statement I’m saying

God Saved me like Liem Nelson from taken

but wait, without his grace I'm worse than the dudes that he spraying

Cuz our hearts are evil till we asked to replace em

n every breathe that I take I pray that it makes

a difference in the moment any less is a waste

I’d rather run with soles that be setting the pace

yeh we killing them sets yeh we making them gains

 so if you ask me what's the greatest mistake

I’d say you not giving all I have in this race

Verse 2

This is the greatest game

On a massive stage

This is why we train

Hustle n push to strain 

limits don't out weight the gain

Travel on buses in planes

US to China and Spain 

London to Paris, Ukraine. 

We make these moves

Got my team with me screaming we can't lose 

We up early working like weekday news 

pushing to that goal till we be through

Yeh we give our life to this

eat, sleep, and cry for this  

breath, bleed and die for this

grind all the time for this 

so if you ask me if it worth the drive

id say it’s the only reason we are alive.

Silver Lining

I may be gone hope you like the words

thought of you when I wrote every verse, cuz

we never met but, we all bleed red,

we all seek love, we all need feed 

yes the pain is real, no it’s not the end,

so take it day by day then count it as a win 

I can't comprehend why these things happen and

don’t have the answers to questions that they be asking

like, why did cancer win? why did he die so early?

why do we see in color to act like this pictures blurry

like only some are worthy n only some are hurting

it’s disturbing how we sit n watch this world burning I

was taught to see the good in every situation

but lately it's hesitation my eyes are being persuasive 

they say in life there’s always a silver lining 

in sight but I can’t find it must be hiding.



Cloud cover on the days that you’re gone

Look up in the sky when I’m feeling alone

But there’s something in the clouds

But there’s something in the clouds

Bright days turn dark like a stone

When the light is gone can you do with that alone

But there’s something in the clouds

But there’s something in the clouds


Verse 2

So what to do in the times it's not shining

fly or die trying or say that the eyes lying  

but when there's pain it’s back to the sky's mining We

look for the same item I pray that we all find it

I’ve searched for weeks felt like my sights blinded 

there’s nothing past this horizon which left me all undecided

some call that weak I’d say they’re being bias  

we all seek some hope just some with their vises 

some breaking the silence, some live in this crises 

yes this life is dark we need an open iris

we need to look behind us n see what’s was deep inside us

that got us to were we stand, to then, give others guidance

to take what we’ve have learned then apply it that's an end of violence

to help another in need that declines without you fighting

that’s the reason I’ve spent all this time awake n writing

in hopes you'll see…  there’s always…. a silver lining.

Save Me

Verse 1

Picture four walls in a class 30 students  

there’s one in the back with a tag needs improvement

more like a friend or two anyone will do cuz now

If he told the whole truth he’s about to lose it 

secluded. No self esteem crushed his dreams… 

so it seems he blames himself for everything

like he choose to wear glasses n get called names

he chose to eat lunch alone every single day   

every single day escalates to headaches the stress

to much to bare no escape he’d drink the pain away

but he’s under age his parents say its just a stage 

it’ll change but he feels strange 

not the same as the kids that he passes 

wants to vanish into a casket 

just banish all that he is with all that he's felt, 

cuz now, every waking moment is a   



Save me from myself 

I can’t do this alone

I can’t breathe on my own 

I need help 

Save me from myself 

gave it all that I got 

I’m not as strong as I thought

I need help

Save me from myself


Verse 2

Same kid, different age fights depression

thought he put it in the past learned a lesson

its like the less he thinks the more he guesses

why he can’t hold a job down nothings flexing      

these are thoughts that he fights when the lights fade out

what if I chose wrong fails n then hit the ground

cus everyday a replay of same monotony

there's got to be more than what my eyes are seeing

I go to sleep, wake up, eat, n brush my teeth shower then get dressed to leave

what’s this life mean is it all dreams then I just die But that's my heart beat still alive

feeling empty on the inside still why

they said this n that would help just lies

So I think it’s time to swallow my pride 

God Please save me from myself      

Back Home

Verse 1

You told yourself it won’t be like last time

but you back again just like thelast time

different room hoping no one walks in 

cuz you promised them ill never be here again

Being selfish they don't understand 

isn't a habit or something to give in

 so it happens and your not proud

yes you wanna quit but all there is is this doubt

that you can’t live without what this is

clean for a month that the longest it's been

the high ends and so does the binge

Relapse lied he really isn't a friend nothing is fixed

just worse been cohersed to cause more hurt

now the plan is to search n see what works

and get to the point you can live without the yearn           



I’ve gotta get out, gotta go home

Back to the place that I know

need somebody to save me

God if your there please take me 

Back home, back home, back home


Verse 2

You don’t have to end your life at any stage  

I know the pain that grows back in your rib cage

Trying to collect thoughts to stay afloat

its hard to keep it together when most are broke

in by the emptiness no relief SOS

Drowning in a sea no one hears a scream

Numb from shock cant hardly breath

Exhausted n crying will you ever fall sleep

wishing its a dream kinda like inception  

your not the only one lost in this wreckage 

stressing guessing is it just me 

with no lead going no wear it seams 

your whole life a bunch a minor notes

n Anything you touch is just a minor joke

no laughs cus it’s hard to cope

but Ive been through and you still have hope


Verse 1

Land of the free

Home of the chains in 

we were slaves before the ships came in

before the whips cracked the backs of brave men

this aint about color we all slaves to sin 

the church said Amen like it always does

its not about them, its not about us 

It’s about him n God who trust

peep the back of the bills we pay to catch a bus 

when its not his name is still last screaming Jesus

before the plane crash 

name above all names beauty from ashes

ashes we all fall down, he picks back up 

was lost now found thoseare my roots

that kind of testimony has a nice sound 

we have story needs to be heard so

let the beat in your chest carry the words



It don't matter bout what they think

Cus we all from the same place 

It don't matter if your rich or poor

Or bout the color of your face 

Cus we all got the same dreams

And we all run the same race

So don't let the world pull you down 

Just stand your ground and keep your faith


Verse 2

the struggle is real everyone feel it

conceal it to call themselves different

on me, we all the same race

came from the same place

God breathed life so

saved by the same grace

Im sinner nobody is perfect

except the one who was murder

to give us purpose that’s the word

serving to give him worship

I do hip hop to tell em what their worth is


One Reason

Verse 1

Mute the sound, cut the lights

sick of the stage, sick of this life

cuz most these guys just want some hype

And don't even think about what they write

call that hate I call that truth  

just look at the scene that’s my proof 

and in comments they’ll say I'm rude

but I'll sleep good cuz it’s my view

this isn’t a game, something I do

wasn’t a dream, got nothing to prove 

so as they worry about their views 

I work on a track to save some youth

I’ve been high, I’ve been low

all these scares not for show

but it’s worth all the pain if its made a change

life a book turn the page

we all have a second chance

now breath that’s the past

I write songs to write wrongs

hope my struggles make you strong

get you through what road you on

What road you on?



I’ve done been kicked to the curb and walked away battered and bruised

I’m giving all that I have because I know there's nothing to lose

I only got one responds for those people that ask what I do

they ask me what I do it for and I tell them I do it for you,

I do it for you, I do it for you Got nothing to lose

I do it for you, I do it for you ,I do it for you   

they ask me what I do it for and I tell them I do it for you,


Verse 2

killing the beat to murder these bars

that hold us back from reaching the stars

and I know its hard I’ve work my whole life

to get this far n it seems like I’m just at the start

want more than art music on charts

You know my heart n the reason I do what I do

the reason is you the reason is them 

beginning to end n

I’ve seen em win

I've seen em lose

i’d rather be up in the booth

but I got bills to pay work a nine to five and

sometimes I ask if it’s all a crime

cuz all of the time that I give

doesn’t add up to cents that it is

but I can’t quit not makes sense but this

and since then connected dots

made some fans n drove to spots

its not what you think this image is fake

this fame is weak it’s taking me weeks to

write these sheets cus you in my thoughts

pray for right words want you whole not two thirds

rehearsed every verse till my voice went silent but kept on writing

see what they need it’s why I don’t sleep

this is way past belief a difference is made every time we speak  

The Wall

Verse 1

wake up

happy to breath

pray that he leads

I see what they need 

but I can’t speak, games on freeze

so I missed that window, lost at chance

didn’t want judgment let’em all past

now I feel like trash  

in halls of my mind don’t let em pass

burdens to great but doubts to vast

when it seems that my faith is built up strong

those are the days that I ask can I still hold on

will you still hold on? It feels all wrong  

I’m not blaming you but you feel so gone

and the roads so long, I just wanna quit, pass the baton    



I been at this for a while

dealing with this pain n sweat

lost track of the miles

still haven’t made it yet, still haven’t made it yet 

still haven’t made it yet, still haven’t made it yet 

but Im’ma get it though


Verse 2

I could say that I never had doubt 

never been mad at God and walked out 

That I don’t have question with no response

that everything is perfect cuz I go to church

cus I know God cuz I write songs

these are the lies that draw a facade 

lines that we walk to hide all the flaws

so we look so good when they sound the applause 

but I know what the word say

God’s with me in every way

even when i go astray  

brought me back like a holiday 

n some steps are queasy 

faith is the can it's not always easy 

it’s not all ways seeing

cause these walls seem tall

but I trust in God n they soon will fall  



Verse 1

Hey to that person who feels they have no worth

someone loves you, even through the pain n hurt

we filter things that we think are worse

yeh make up is nice but them freckles really work  

I know you on the search for what you lack

You’re in the back taking pills to relax till you crash

but no amount that you take will ever fill that gap

like a glass with a hole is empty never half 

 full of the thoughts that everyone has got

and what’s valued to some, naw other’s really not

so it changes everyday invest in our stock 

then hope someone buys n sell when we talk  

but it never really drops, this life is gift, each one is different

price never shifts, percent’s never slip, so take to the bank,

when I say your worth more than anything made



You are, you are, you are, you’re worth more than diamonds, you’re worth more than diamonds,

You are, you are, you are, you’re worth more than gold, you’re worth more than gold



See your value is never to be found through

the things that you amount to

or the mountains that surround you

but in the One who found you.

Picked you up from the ground true

love in the midst of every flaw heavy scars and them scoundrels

words tend to ring out longer than you expected

the hurt will still sting you tomorrow will be connected

with yesterday and today

the mess you made in the way

but better days are embraced

when you set your face on the grace of God.

And As you reflect the redeemer

follow the steps of the teacher

Your worth is kept by the keeper

of distant stars quasars galaxy at his fingers

worth rooted in eternal soil yes His image lingers

don’t get it twisted I'll remind you for your help

our worth is lowered when we think to highly of our-self

that’s nothing more than disguised pride like it is in stealth

so we don’t think less of our-self we think of ourselves less